Current Initiatives

Current Initiatives.

From boosting digital teaching skills, to creating meaningful work-integrated learning prototypes, to providing educational technology testbeds, eCampusOntario’s initiatives are all about levelling up higher education in Ontario.

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Education-to-Employment Pathways


eCampusOntario is collaborating with institutions and employers to explore the potential of a micro-certification strategy for Ontario’s education system and workforce. The Micro-Certification Working Group brings together specialists in both higher education and industry to drive the initiative forward, while eCampusOntario’s annual Micro-Certification Forum is an interactive event that brings professionals together to share experience and success in that space. Learn more about eCampusOntario’s work with micro-certification.

Adaptive Learning Pilot

The Adaptive Learning Pilot aims to address knowledge gaps and boost exam success for Ontario students studying technical subjects. In collaboration with four Ontario colleges, the pilots will develop individual learning modules for specific training standards within the electrician – construction and maintenance, automotive service technician, and plumbing trades. The pilots also enable students to self-identify skill gaps and create individualized experiences using adaptive learning platforms such as Area9 and ShiftIQ. For more information, contact Mary Chaktsiris.

Technology for Colleges and Universities

Open Library and Publishing Infrastructure

eCampusOntario hosts and maintains the Open Library, which features hundreds of open educational resources freely available for students and educators to adopt, adapt or share, as well as data on adoptions and provincial student savings. The Open Library is connected directly to the open authoring platform Pressbooks, allowing for a seamless user experience where any Ontario educator can customize OER for their classroom. Browse the Open Library.

Shared Services

Through eCampusOntario, educational technology services will be available to member colleges and universities through a group procurement model, enabling cost savings, efficiency, and innovation. Currently, they include:

  • Transcription/Captioning: eCampusOntario plans to roll out system-wide access to educational transcription and captioning services, enabling Ontario institutions to collaborate, save money and comply with accessibility requirements.
  • Open LMS: eCampusOntario is exploring the deployment of an open-source LMS, which would provide Ontario member institutions with access to a shared and cost-effective learning management platform, along with a collaborative community of practice.

Want to learn how your institution can get involved with shared services? Contact us.

Ed Tech Sandbox

The Ed Tech Sandbox (version 2.0) allows eCampusOntario member institutions to test emerging classroom technologies or help co-design new technologies that meet the needs of educators and students in higher education across Ontario. Current and upcoming sandbox technologies include:

  • AR/VR: eCampusOntario will be providing member institutions with the opportunity to pilot augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) platforms to drive innovation in teaching and learning.
  • Learning Analytics: eCampusOntario is preparing to collaborate with subject matter experts, faculty and students to co-design a blueprint for a student-centered learning analytics tool that meets the needs of Ontario colleges and universities.

Learn more about the Ed Tech Sandbox.

Professional Learning for Ontario Educators

Ontario Extend 3

Designed for Ontario educators and following two previous iterations, Extend 3 provides a self-directed professional learning experience for educators in a digital age. Offered online and at no cost, Ontario Extend modules are designed to produce technologically-savvy classroom leaders that model the benefits of digital fluency for their students. Learn about Ontario Extend 3.

Experiential Learning for Ontario Students


eCampusOntario’s Student Experience Design (SXD) Lab is a program supporting student-led innovation. Currently, students in the lab are leading the creation of a series of open frameworks for experiential learning in higher education, which will ultimately support institutions to scale experiential learning activities using technology on their own campuses. Educators, academic staff, industry professionals and government stakeholders are invited to collaborate on and evaluate SXD Lab solutions. Get involved with the lab.


Consortium d’apprentissage experiential francophone de l’Ontario (CAPFO) is a group of Ontario colleges dedicated to offering their Franco-Ontarian students experiential learning opportunities. With eCampusOntario-supported access to the digital platform Riipen, students at CAPFO institutions engage in real-world projects by being paired with employers.
Learn more about CAPFO.

Previous initiatives

Open at Scale

The Open at Scale initiative is a targeted approach to open educational resources (OER) development. The initiative focuses on the discovery and development of OER in specific disciplines. The Open at Scale approach originated in Ontario through conversations with passionate practitioners and leaders that saw an opportunity to pursue open education at a systemic level. Introductory Business, introductory Nursing, and Trades were selected for the first iteration. Learn more about the eCampusOntario Open at Scale Initiative.

Open at Scale Business

The Open at Scale – Business OER Project focuses on savings for Ontario Business students and high impact, flexible learning resources for faculty. Learn more.

Open at Scale Nursing

The Open at Scale – Nursing OER Project focuses on savings for Ontario Nursing students and high impact, flexible learning resources for faculty. Learn more.

Open at Scale Trades and Apprenticeship

The Open at Scale – Trades and Apprenticeship Project is a targeted approach to OER development that supports on-the-job learning and training standards for three in-demand apprenticeships:

  • Automotive Service Technician (AST)
  • Electrician – Construction and Maintenance
  • Plumber

Learn more.

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