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14.08.2017 - 1 minute Read

Introducing the Educational Technologies Sandbox

Supporting the growth and expansion of online and technology-enabled learning and teaching is a central mandate at eCampusOntario. The eCampusOntario Sandbox is meant to provide learners and educators in Ontario with the opportunity to explore and trial emerging educational technology in a safe, risk-free environment.

In its first iteration, the eCampusOntario Sandbox will be looking for expressions of interest to be submitted for the following three environments: Open Badges, Experiential Learning and Virtual Simulations each of which contributes to a more job-ready, experienced college or university graduate.

Open Badges

Open Badges support the recognition of learning that is not captured in the traditional resume. This includes, but is not limited to: recognition of learning acquired prior to post-secondary education and informal co-curricular learning, skills and knowledge required for transition to the workplace. eCampusOntario has acquired a number of Open Badge Factory environments to distribute to educators looking to experiment with alternative recognition of learning within their institutions.

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