Open Alternative Shared Services

This category of shared services is built to offer alternative options to vendor provided solutions. Open Source software is considered as the primary mean to deliver this type of service.

Open Library

The Open Library provides educators and learners with access to more than 250 free and open-licensed educational resources. Since the initial launch in 2017, eCampusOntario has sought to continually improve the library to meet the needs of Ontario’s post-secondary educators and learners.

Contact Lillian Hogendoorn for more information.

Open LMS

The vision for this service is to use the aggregated usage, of all participating institutions, to take advantage of a shared Moodle service that minimizes the cost and effort required to provide the functionality and support for learning managing systems. This approach will also help institutions take advantage of opportunities for collaboration and leverage the power of our user community.

Contact Michel Singh for more information.