OpenLMS Application

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OpenLMS Application
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Project Goals

Please list high-level project goals. Here are some examples:
  • Explore OpenLMS with mix of faculty, support staff and students.
  • Compare and contrats features of existing LMS with OpenLMS.
  • Use OpenLMS for different use cases (open enrolment, faculty development, hybrid courses, etc.).

Project criteria

Please indicate the criterions that will make this pilot successfutl. Here are some examples:
  • 15 faculty members have tested and reported back their experience of OpenLMS.
  • 50 students have tested and reported back with positive experience of OpenLMS.
  • Top 10 features of existing LMS are at parity in OpenLMS.
  • Critical integration apps can move over to OpenLMS.

Project Team

List institutional team members for this project with fullnames and titles. eCampusOntario members are listed below:
  • Product Lead (Peter Wolf)
  • Enablement Lead (TBD)

Benefits, Risks and Constraints

List the key benefits, risks and/or constraints of the project. Here are some examples.
  • Benefits:
    • Low cost alternative to vendor supplied software.
    • Power of community as a driver for value.
  • Risks:
    • Issues with faculty wanted to participate in OpenLMS pilot.
    • Content does not migrate well from existing LMS to OpenLMS.
  • Contraints:
    • Not enough time to pilot OpenLMS.
    • Not enough resources to support institutions through OpenLMS pilot.

Institutional sponsorship

Learning Management Systems are at the core of digital environments of all higher education institutions. Our goal is to expose to interested institutions the power of OpenLMS. We want to insure that this is done in coordination with administrators and faculty. Please provide names of your institutional sponsors for this project as well as reasoning for engaging in pilot.

Additional notes