What is OpenLMS?


The vision for this service is to use the aggregated usage, of all participating institutions, to take advantage of a shared Moodle service that minimizes the cost and effort required to provide the functionality and support for learning managing systems  This approach will also help institutions take advantage of opportunities for collaboration and leverage the power of our user community.

Hosting Partner

eCampusOntario will work with York University in order to provide the Moodle shared service. York University holds the largest footprint of Moodle in Ontario and have extensive experience and skills supporting, managing and developing the system. Being the third largest university in the country, they hold the IT infrastructure capacity to host a multi-tenant instance of Moodle that will grow with time.  These key points enable us to ensure quality, efficient delivery, maintenance and support of the service.

Service highlights

  • This service will provide a secure, highly available environment for Moodle, including the provision of a reliable server infrastructure, network connectivity and MySQL and Moodle patching and upgrades patching.
  • The service will also provide basic system administration such as Moodle version upgrades and plugin testing and installation as well as providing administrative access to two named individuals at each participating institution.
  • The service will provide limited services associated with using the Moodle application. eCampusOntario will not provide information on how to publish course content or configure tests, etc. Instead eCampusOntario will encourage collaboration through the Centre for Teaching and Learning of the various institutions involved. Training and Onboarding will be facilitated in coordination with the enablement consultant.