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Educational Technologies Sandbox

In partnership with eCampusOntario’s SXD Lab, the sandbox provides a testbed for potential long-term shared service offerings. This page includes a list of the educational technologies that are currently in our pipeline, either to pilot or undergo rapid review by our community.

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Become an EdTech Reviewer

As part of the sandbox, eCampusOntario seeks Ontario educators to review emerging educational tools and technologies. Reviewing is a great way to learn about various educational technologies, and to use your expertise to influence decisions about technology offerings. Educators who complete and submit a review will receive an honorarium from eCampusOntario.

Complete the form linked below to learn about upcoming opportunities to explore, test, and review new tools.

Technologies in Pilot Stage

Below are the tools and technologies that have been deemed valuable during the Candidate stage and are now moving into pilots by institutions to assess their scalability as shared services.

Collaborative Web Annotation

Tool: LMS

Overview: The Hypothesis LMS app brings discussion to course content by enabling students and teachers to annotate the margins of their online texts. Collaborative annotation engages students in course readings, giving teachers and classmates a view into how students are reading.

Goals of the Pilot: Between Fall 2020 and Winter 2021, schools will pilot in order to gauge institutional interest and assess its scalability as a shared service. The final output will be a set of disciplinary case studies to encourage and inspire uptake of this technology.

Institutions Involved: TBD.

Educational use cases will be shared publicly as the pilot takes shape.

Candidate Technologies in Review Stage

Educational tools and technologies in the pipeline that are set to undergo research, rapid testing, and review by learners and educators who have put forth their names to become EdTech Reviewers. Findings and reviews will be shared publicly as they become available.

The status of each is presented as either Research, Ready for Review, or Undergoing Review.

Peer Feedback

Ready for Review


Tool: Feedback Fruits

Overview: This pedagogical suite of tools enabling peer feedback, discussion, interactive classrooms, and interactive study materials.

Educational Idea Exchange Platform

Ready for Review


Tool: Learnful

Overview: Built by Yasin Dahi of Laurier Library, Learnful is a free and open platform for educators and authors to innovate, create, and exchange ideas, learning content, and teaching practices.

Indigenous Content Management System

Ready for Review


Tool: Mukurtu

Overview: This free, mobile, and open source platform is built with indigenous communities, providing a space in which to manage and share digital cultural heritage.

Open Source in-Class Response System



Tool: Qlicker

Overview: Built by students and educators at Queen’s University, Qlicker is an open source web application enabling classroom polling and student participation. It serves as an open alternative to similar classroom engagement tools that often come at a cost to the student.

Language Tandem Platform



Tool: LinguaeLive (under development)

Overview: LinguaeLive leverages technology to create and facilitate student language tandems to be used in conjunction with classroom instruction to improve language-culture and intercultural competency learning. It automatizes the administrative and logistical labour and provides oversight, while keeping control of the exchanges in the hands of the teachers and their students.

Educational Electronic Health Records System



Tool: Educational Electronic Medical Health Records (EdEHR)

Overview: The EdEHR learning tool was developed in consultation with British Columbia’s Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training, the Ministry of Health, faculty in various health care disciplines, and BCcampus. The tool integrates with learning management systems to provide a system in which students can learn how to use Electronic Health Records in a classroom setting.

Contact Emily Carlisle-Johnston to propose an educational technology that you’d like eCampusOntario to explore in the Sandbox.