Shared Services

Building shared services that make sense

Shared services offer optimized, efficient and quality services by leveraging the strengths of the system through purposeful collaboration.

In a recent multi-stage consultation process, eCampusOntario’s member institutions participated indicated that there are high levels of interest in sharing and piloting educational technology tools and services.

Download this file to learn more about the types of shared services provided by eCampusOntario to member institutions. Click on the links below to receive updates on the shared services that we’re currently supporting and exploring.

Learn MoreEducational Technologies Sandbox

Educational Technologies Sandbox

In partnership with eCampusOntario’s SXD Lab, the Educational Technologies Sandbox serves a testbed space for potential long-term Shared Service offerings.

Learn MoreCommodity Shared Services


Commodity shared services offer a group procurement strategy. In partnership with OECM, eCampusOntario will explore audio and video transcription technology that will be available to member institutions at reduced cost.

Learn MoreEmergent Shared Services


Emergent shared services test new tools and platforms, then report on effectiveness and impact. Testbeds and pilots include Student-Facing Learning Analytics, Adaptive Training, and micro-certifications.

Learn MoreOpen Alternative

Open Alternative

Open Alternative shared services offer supplementary or replacement options to vendor-provided solutions. Watch this space as we grow our portfolio of Open Alternatives.