The Technology and Education Seminar and Showcase (TESS) is eCampusOntario’s annual conference where we celebrate our members’ achievements in online and tech enabled teaching and learning. This keystone event provides faculty, instructional designers, administrators, librarians, and other key stakeholders from all 45 Ontario post-secondary institutions with an opportunity to interact with each other, showcase ongoing work, and share latest accomplishments.

TESS 19: Level Up Online Learning for Ontario: Experimentation and Impact 

November 18 and 19, 2019 | Globe and Mail Centre, Toronto, ON

Featuring the theme of Experimentation and Impact, the event combined presentations with a day of hands-on workshops, where attendees had the opportunity to experiment with technology in real time. For more information, recordings, and resources from TESS 2018, see the news post: Highlights from TESS 2019.

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New submission deadline: September 30, 2019 (11pm ET)

TESS 18: The Empowered Educator (November 12-13, 2018)

The theme of TESS 2018 was The Empowered Educator, derived from Simon Bates’ model of the 21st Century Educator (2014). In this model, the 21st century educator is also a teacher for learning, an experimenter, a technologist, a collaborator, a curator, and a scholar. At the two-day TESS conference, located at the Globe and Mail Centre in Toronto, over 80 presenters gave 36 peer-reviewed presentations that aligned with one of the six tracks of Bates’ model.

The 250 attendees at TESS also heard keynotes by Simon Bates (UBC) and Robin DeRosa (Plymouth State University), and asked questions of students from eCampusOntario’s Student Design Lab (SXD), who described their experiences with engaging technology-enabled learning, with Robin DeRosa as moderator.

For more information, recordings, and resources from TESS 2018, see the news post: TESS 2018 in Review.

TESS 17: The Evolution of Teaching and Learning (November 20-21, 2017)

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