Experiential learning is a form of schooling that recognizes the educational value of lived experience. It’s an age-old learning method that is becoming more valued within traditional academia, as it introduces students to real life situations that may be encountered in the workforce. Experiential learning also plays a vital role in solving the conundrum of needing experience to gain experience.

The current job market requires more

More and more, employers are looking for candidates with relevant work experience, even if they’ve only recently finished college or university. Experiential learning addresses this issue by allowing students to acquire real-life experiences that promote success within the workforce both before and after graduation.  This can play a positive role in reducing the graduate underemployment issue.


Riipen is a technological platform that connects faculty and students with working professionals. eCampusOntario is tapping into this innovative tool to increase experiential learning opportunities at partner institutions across the province. With the help of this resource, students in various programs have the chance to work with companies large and small, allowing them to gain course credits and add to their resumes while they simultaneously acquire unique knowledge and improve networking abilities.

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