The Catch: Issue #8 11.01.2018

This 7-day period in technology-enabled learning… “Lots of Bears in the far pool (NPS/M. Fitz)” Flickr photo by KatmaiNPS shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license. Network Connectivity  The Catch

The Catch: Issue #7, New Year’s Edition 04.01.2018

What’s happening this week in technology-enabled learning? Ranger Report Intrepid. Sturdy. Stalwart. These are all adjectives that you would not want to use in a mad-lib about the Ontario Open

The Catch: Issue #6, Holiday Edition 14.12.2017

‘Twas The Catch before… Photo by Denise Johnson on Unsplash. Read It and Tweet Our peers and heroes (peeroes?) over to the left of us in B.C. are always doing things that

The Catch: Issue #5, Part 2 01.12.2017

What’s happening in technology-enabled learning? There was just entirely too much great stuff by Ontario post-secondary educators coming out of last week’s Technology-Enabled Seminar and Showcase (TESS) to fit into

The Catch: Issue #5, Part 1 28.11.2017

What’s happening in technology-enabled learning? Last week, over 400 post secondary educators from across Ontario and beyond came to #TESS17 to learn about and share each other’s work in technology-enabled

The Catch: Issue #4 10.11.2017

What’s Happening in Technology-Enabled Learning The Cutting/Trailing Edge It’s high time that we went full-on cutting edge technology here in the Cutting/Trailing Edge section. Now, keep in mind that some

The Catch: Issue #3 27.10.2017

What’s happening in technology-enabled learning Read It & Tweet It’s just about the spookiest time of the year, apart from when taxes are due, so let’s have a look at

The Catch: Issue #2 16.10.2017

This week in technology-enabled learning Welcome to The Catch. It’s a fortnightly blog series by the four eCampusOntario Program Managers: Peg French, Joanne Kehoe, Jenni Hayman, and Terry Greene. It

The Catch: What’s Happening in Technology-Enabled Learning this Week…ish 05.10.2017

Are you among the target audience for this blog? Let’s see… Are you involved in academic work for any of Ontario’s 45 universities and colleges? If so, then you are